The whole story is not told by the free how to index backlink popularity checker tools

It would be great if your website was ranked number one in search results. All of us would. Some people use a free tool called link popularity to determine how many links are needed to reach page 1. This is not the best option. The link checker tools cannot give an exact count. This is not an error.

Search engines are smarter than you might think. You can simply type a URL into the search box to see a number of links. You might get a completely different result if you try the same URL again several days later. Sometimes, the result is much lower. This is also true if you type in a keyword phrase. It may say there are 1 million results, but the next day there are 100 million. It is not for nothing.

They won’t give you an exact count of the number of links on a website. They might give you the exact number of how to index backlink a website has. If they did, then people could use link checking tools to figure out how to get to page one. Link popularity checkers will also get information from search engines. You could be pursuing keyword phrases that are too difficult to rank on page one with these free tools. This would be a waste your time and effort.

I don’t mean to be negative, but free link popularity checking tools can be useful. These tools can provide information about your competitors that could assist you in moving up the rankings. This could include a rough estimate of the number of links that others have and their origins. You can then go after the same links as them. You can also check out the anchor text links they use and how they are set-up. This could lead to new opportunities for you to gain links to your website.

Some link checker tools even provide information such as page rank, indexed websites, and meta tag analyzer. All of this information can be very useful and helpful to some extent. This is not the end of the story. Assume that you will require more than any link popularity tester says a competitor.

These are the things to keep in mind if you download a link checker free of charge on the internet. Search engines won’t give you all the information so there isn’t any tool that will tell you everything. These tools can be used as a guideline. You will see that the information provided can help you decide whether to use a keyword phrase on your website.