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Invest in farming

With you can invest in farming from your smartphone and help us build farms in East Africa that provide reliable supply of milk and food.

Make an impact

Your investment makes a social impact in Somalia and Kenya. Through our app you can follow how your investment makes a difference.

Make money

You will get revenues from the sales of animals, milk and food, you can then re-invest or withdraw your money.


Goats & Sheep farmOpen

Bandar Qaali, Somalia

The sheep and goats farm provides a market for local nomads and creates jobs.

Camel Farm MogadishuOpen

Mogadishu, Somalia

This camel farm provides fresh milk to the residents of Mogadishu city and creates jobs.

Camel Farm NairobiOpen

Nairobi, Kenya

This farm provides fresh camel milk to the residents of Nairobi city.

Greenhouse farmOpen

Bandar Qaali, Somalia

We have opened this pilot greenhouse farm which will produce vegetables for the local community.

Greenhouse farm Mogadishu0

Mogadishu, Somalia

We are soon starting the construction of our second greenhouse farm outside Mogadishu.

Camel farm Galkacyo0

Galkacyo, Somalia

Camel milk is very popular in Galkacyo. This farm will provide fresh milk to the city.

Greenhouse farm Galkacyo0

Galkacyo, Somalia

This greenhouse farm will cover the vegetable needs for Galkacyo city and surrounding areas

Total users 3717
Number of countries 40
Number of farms 4
Total jobs created 20
Average ROI 30%
Market Prices Updated on 2018-12-03
Goats Somalia $ 73 -3%
Sheep Somalia $ 65 -2%
Camels Somalia $ 1581 +1%
Camels Kenya $ 1400 +0%
Greenhouse Somalia $ 10 +0%
Gift or donate animals

On you can send animals such as goats, sheep and camels as a present to your friends, family and colleagues.

You can also donate animals such as goats, sheep and camels directly to families in Somalia.



The problem

Due to climate change nomads in Somalia are moving to the cities but with no skills to find jobs they become internal refugees.


The solution

Using investment from our global users, own infrastructure & tech we are creating jobs, better market & producing affordable food.


Who we are is founded by former livestock farmers. We are experts in this field and understand the market.

Our impact

Creates jobs

Our local operation creates jobs for former nomads who work at our farms. They take care of the animals, monitor the market, buy and sell products.

Affordable food

At our farms we are producing affordable quality food which are distributed in the local market. We sell animals, milk and food at affordable prices.

Supports the local economy

Agriculture is over 75% of Somalia’s economy (GDP). Your investment contributes to this vital industry for the local economy.

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