Comparison of File Extensions WPS office for students & SAV

For files that can be viewed in Microsoft Works versions 6-9, the file extension WPS is used. This extension is one of the most popular word processor extensions, as it is standard on all computers. A WPS converter is also available on the MS website. WordPerfect, MS Word, Open Office Word, and many other word processors can save their work in WPS format. These files are used most often to save text documents in MS Works. However, there are other uses for these files. MS Works allows users to save images and have limited editing capabilities. WPS format is also popular for office management due to its calendar features. WPS office for students can also be used for basic web applications, which include basic HTML capabilities and automatic hyper linking.

If you see files with the extension SAV on your computer, it’s likely that they are saved files. SAV files can be used for at least nine purposes. They are most commonly used for saving game files. Computer games use this format quite often to save the game in progress. These files are created when a user chooses to quit a game. However, some games may only allow you to save the game at certain points. This is necessary because computer games can take up to 50 hours to complete. It becomes imperative to have a system to save and restore the progress.