Raising a child requires a Nanny

The expression “it takes the village to raise your child” is something you have likely heard. But, it needs to be rephrased in modern times to make motherhood more relatable. Most new mothers don’t have the means to hire a nanny or other help. Many times, new mothers don’t even have relatives or friends who can help with childbirth recovery and how to properly care.

The Distant past

New mothers used to have support from their neighbors when they brought home their newborn babies. Their neighbors would bring hot meals and pies, while older members of the community were there to help with breastfeeding and give baby baths. When a new mother is in distress or unable to breastfeed, there will be many women to help her.

These were the days that the village, or the local community, actually raised children right from birth. A neighbor could give a punishment to a child who was not good enough and send it home to their parent. Mothers did not have to worry about their children while they were playing, as they knew other women who would take care of them.

You might remember these moments from your childhood. You may not remember these times from your childhood, but it’s true that there are some downsides to the progress we have made.

Modern Motherhood

Many women are too busy today chasing their careers and providing food for their families to look after the family of another. Women all over the globe have greater responsibility outside the home. As a result, they have less time and energy to invest in the home. This means that the community or village around them has vanished. New mothers are often left without the support and guidance they need in order to recover from childbirth and take care of their newborn babies.

Even though some women have the support and love of their mothers, it is not common for them to be able to take on the additional care of a newborn. Modern mothers are faced with two options: Either they take on the care of the baby themselves or they hire a childcare nanny.

It is difficult to take care of a newborn, let alone recover from it. This is especially true if you are a first-time mother and don’t know what to do with a newborn. This holds true even for mothers after a cesarean. They will not be capable of lifting their baby or moving them around like other mothers.

So, many mothers are now looking to hire zuo yue zi for help around the clock. A confinement nurse will help a new mother with all of the household chores. This includes meal preparation, helping with older children, bathing, changing and feeding the baby. The nanny cares for the mother after giving birth and ensures that she is well fed and gets enough rest. She will also look after the baby to ensure they are healthy and growing at the appropriate rate.

Although it takes a village to raise your child, the confinement babysitter has taken over.