Social Media Marketing Failures for Your Business

As I talk with prospects and people about Social Media Marketing, I get the objection that “I tried SM marketing before and it didn’t work.”

My experience and opinion are that social media has a lot of value. However, I don’t believe it. It is not a universally accepted method of marketing. Some businesses have found it to be a failure or they don’t get a good return on their investment. They conclude that SM marketing is a wasteful use of their time and money. But don’t panic!

Although SM Marketing might not be a great fit for your company, it is true. Don’t rush. Many businesses are enjoying great success.
These are some things to consider before you throw SM Marketing out the window. You may be told it isn’t right for you, but others may reconsider and try again.

Let’s take a look at why Social Media Marketing failed…

1. Every business is different and there are many variables to consider when trying to reach your target market with SM marketing.

Social media works best for businesses that are located throughout the country, or internationally. It will be more difficult for local businesses. Unfortunately, it’s a fact. It is possible that there are only a few people in your area who are interested in the topics you discuss.

Is this to say that local businesses should not bother with SM Marketing. This is not what I am trying to convey. I’m just saying that you should have realistic expectations and also think carefully about how much you will invest in Social Media.

Every business, big or small, should have a social media presence. Quality is more important than quantity. Even if you have a few followers and fans, they can still make a difference to your business’ bottom line. You can keep them interested and strengthen your relationships with them. Your business is more important than me. If your business is very small or restricted geographically, I would not recommend spending any money on social media. Instead, I recommend carefully managing your time. Spending 15-20 minutes per day interacting with followers and fans is enough to provide amazing value to them & maintain a strong Social Media presence. This will not only save you time but also prevent you from spending hours on SM that could have been used for something more productive.

You should carefully consider how much money you are willing to invest in SM marketing. It should be a good fit for your business and likely to bring you more benefits than costs.

2. When it comes to social media marketing, some businesses work better than others. Engagement is the key to social media. This is easy for some businesses, while others may need a bit more imagination.

Businesses and organisations will always have people willing to listen and talk about things that are relevant to them. Arts & crafts, fashion, authorship, speakers, chefs, coaches, cookery and news. There are many more interesting businesses than the ones that are merely bland.

There are also bland ones. You know who you’re. There are many professions that can be called upon: accountants, precision engineers and adhesive manufacturers; plumbers; locksmiths; taxi drivers. Do these types of businesses still need Social Networking? Although less interesting people may still require these types of services, I believe the answer is yes.

Put on your thinking cap and think of creative ways to make your business more interesting, informative or both. You will still be able to get people talking and interacting with your business. Accept that you might not get as many people talking about your business in fun markets.

3. It was your attempt to do it yourself, but it wasn’t working. Many people mistakenly believe their dabbling with social media is a successful Social Media Marketing Campaign. They are then surprised when it doesn’t work.

This is common, especially for small businesses that cannot afford to outsource it to a professional or hire a marketing staff to do it in-house.

Source it if you have the money. If this doesn’t work for your marketing budget, and you need to learn it yourself, then educate yourself. There are many courses, seminars, mentors, and workshops that can help you learn. Spend some time searching the internet for information on social media websites, blogs and video channels if you have a tight budget. Make sure you do. It is not worth spending your time on something you don’t know how to do. Although social media marketing is not difficult and shouldn’t take too long to master, the difference between making it pay off or not is how well you do it.

4. It didn’t take enough time. Social networking takes time. Relationships take time.

It is unrealistic to expect to be able to social media for two months and then give up. Social Media isn’t an instant solution, but a long-term solution.

It’s kind of gross, right? But not really. You never know how many years down the road you’ll be working with someone who is a true follower or fan of your business. It is likely that your business will not see any results if it is a quick-and-dirty business. If you want to stay in business for a long time, then think long-term. Your target market will notice you if you consistently deliver value to them over a long period of time. Your social media presence will gain momentum and take on a life thanks to the viral nature the internet.

Rome was not built in one day.

5. Social Media Marketing will not fix a poor product or service. Even if your Social Media marketing is flawless, there are other factors that must be considered.

Market research, social proof, good copy, and a compelling call-to-action are all important. Social media is a great way to drive traffic but your landing page must be poor and not provide the information people are searching for. You will not be able to sell online if you don’t have testimonials or other social proof. SM Marketing won’t work if there isn’t demand for your products and services. Telemarketing, PPC and SEO, direct mail, yellow pages, radio or TV ads, or any other marketing method will not work for you.

Although I don’t claim that you have this problem, I know people who have approached me with them. Because nothing else was working, they wanted me to help and maybe SM Marketing could change everything.