Summer Beauty Tips: makeup and hairstyle artist in Banglore for Summer

During the summer many women are faced with the same dilemma: How can they find makeup that will not melt in hot weather? They complain because their makeup doesn’t last through the day due to the heat of summer. Heat is not compatible with makeup. You need to know these tricks so that you can keep your makeup on all day even in temperatures over 80 degrees.

Replace the Foundation

Replace your foundation with BB cream if you are blessed with a smooth complexion. This cream is moisturizing, healing, conceals all imperfections and smoothens your skin. It also provides you with better sun protection. All of these features prove that BB creams are perfect for skin during the unbearable days of summer. Use talcum-based foundations if you still need to use foundation. It absorbs sebum to prevent your skin from looking oily. Translucent powder can be used on your nose, forehead and cheeks to help set foundation.

Heat proofing and waterproofing products

These products are waterproof because they contain silicone-based oils that help them adhere very well to your skin. It has a drawback: They are difficult to remove, which means you need cleaning products.

Using a spray to fix the makeup and hairstyle artist in Banglore

Use a setting spray for makeup. This will make it resistant to temperatures higher than 80 degrees. The product looks like hairspray. It should be used after applying makeup. Your makeup will stay on all day with its help. It’s best to use this product only in emergencies.

Reduce the number of products you use

Some artists recommend that we wear as little makeup during summer as we can to stay beautiful. For a hot summer day, BB Cream (which smooths out and hides flaws), waterproof mascara and a touch of blush should do.

Thermal Water or Rosewater

In this time, the skin is losing more minerals. This is why you should use rosewater or thermal water. The mineral and vitamin content is high, and they have an astringent property. This helps to repair skin damage and collagen structure. It also gives the skin resistance and elasticity. Don’t forget that spraying them on top of makeup fixes it.

Don’t Forget Hydration

We must be mindful that the sun can cause our skin to dehydrate very quickly. It is important to take the right steps to keep it hydrated. Drinking water or natural teas is essential to staying hydrated. Fruits should also be consumed and moisturising lotions applied.